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OUR MISSION: inspire you to own your singular presence. It’s time to show the world how extraordinary and powerful you really are.


Your journey with us

With 10+ years of experience and education, Dr. J. Fisher tailors evidence-based intervention to each, individual client. Although she is clinically and behaviorally trained as a psychologist, her work with you goes beyond the eclectic blend of CBT, DBT, behavioral, and humanistic approaches.

In addition to helping you figure out what is not going well in your life (what traditional psychology tells you is “disordered”), Dr. J. Fisher uses a positive psychology approach to provide you with the tools to help you push past limbo and into a flourishing, thriving life.


What does all of this mean?

It means your journey is unique, and it is important to us that you live with passion, meaning, and joy. We want to help you live life on your own terms. We want to help you pass GO and live a thriving life, not just manage your symptoms. Call Dr. Fisher today to get started.

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